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Storm Drain: Lyrics

01. Harmonocle


02. Corporatta

Corporatta, What's become of you
As your hands explode hot into the blue?
Oh, the World has made a mess of you!

Corporatta, I can read your name
As it flashes golden white above the plain.
How I wish that ours could do the same!

Corporatta, How your rockets gleam
As they pour from Angel's eyes onto the screen!
Although, I wonder, whatever do they mean?

And we're building towers to guide you home.

Corporatta, I've seen the way you move
In your spaceship through the clouds above the dunes.
God, I wish I'd buried you.

Corporatta, I won't be one to grieve
For the heart that's bleeding black onto your sleeve.
Although, I know you only aim to please...

Corporatta, It's been a busy night
As the moon glows (and glares) over the fight...
Over fires burning bright.

03. Bedtime

I wore this suit for the flies.
Well, come 'round quick, let's put those diamonds through your eyes.
I match my hands with the time.
Don't wanna be late, no, got so many things left to buy.
Let's dip our bodies in wine.
I'll take your pants off (we can place them right next to mine)

"No one's gonna sleep tonight."
With the hologram feel of the engines coming to life
"I swear that it'll be all right
If you just hold him tight"

I left it up to the ghost.
The man is asking, "Baby, who do you fear the most?"
Let's watch the kerosene flow
Peel back your eyelids or you'll very near miss the show
"Ain't no one else gotta know!
These rat's aren't watching, no, they've seen the thing all before!"

"No one's gonna sleep tonight."
With the hologram feel of the engines coming to life
"I swear that it'll be all right
If you just hold him tight."
It's all gonna end tonight
So just hold him tight.

04. Dead

baby aint gonna be fed till mama learns to dress in red
well mama get out there show em a little leg

daddy gone to war again gonna kill him some worthless men
sure he'll be home but we just dont know when

sister got prescription blues should she take one or two
she just dont know it doc thats why im asking you


grandmas barely in the ground were selling her shit by the pound
aint nothing here worth trying to keep around

grandpas building ceiling fans to pay for his medicine plan
its not what he wants but you just do what you can

my cousins gonna jump off a bridge your promises wont mean shit
i wish i could say that i had thought of it

cuz id be dead dead dead i'd be dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead oh i'd be dead dead dead dead dead dead oh id be dead dead dead dead dead dead and i wouldnt have to worry about it

05. Bandito Supreme


06. I Don't Like It Here

I am begging for blood
With my face against the outhouse wall
I can't take this rush
But if there's time to fake and brag, I will

Heaven's seen my face
I flushed the golden streets away
And though I cannot place His eyes
His Holy porcelain remains, thank God

Now I'm down in the ground
Trying to dig His good head out
But so far all I've found
Is all the shit I've laid down to cover Him

This is not my home
These are not my friends

07. Applez & Orangez

[ coming soon ]

0. LA Dawgz


09. Titans

Oh, from the palace to the throne
Lay hands upon his skull and make sure he never talks
Oh, with his hands against the wall
May the temple never fall and show the weak the way we walk
Well, we've got a lot of nerve waiving our conflicting words from the flags hung in our mouths
Oh, mark Mary down for lost, we're tearing down the cross and laying pidgeons in the ground

Oh, we've run aground now
Oh, no turning back now
I am waiting for the sign

Oh, if the rhythms in the house
Could turn the demons out you'd see the streets a shade of red
Oh, the mountains never came
though we called them each by name and woke the prophets from their beds
Oh, the sea is rising fast
and tied tightly to the mast our deaf captain will survive
Oh, the children left of Rome
Are moving swiftly from their homes to take their fortune in the night

Oh, we've run aground now
Oh, No turning back now
I am waiting for the sign

Oh, hammer down your homes - It's a hard wind blowin'
Oh, we've run aground now
Oh, no turning back now
I am waiting for the sign

10. Lady Lou

[ coming soon ]

Look at my sexy body oh look at my body talk oh look at the sexy body look at the sexy body walk if you take a sexy body put the body in a box you can keep the sexy body and fuck it when you want if you cut the sexy body put a slit into its heart you can hump the sexy body hump the sexy heart apart

12. The Wage-Slave Blues

[ coming soon ]

13. Long Night Love

[ coming soon ]

14. Samuel

Samuel was an actor
But he hungered for the corps
He was set to play an angel
But he left it for the war
I watched his mother screaming
As he shouted through the door
This is what I was born for

On the bus Samuel put
His face into the wind
Oh they may forget his movies
But they would remember him
They’d hail him as the soldier
Who had brought the war to end
Oh a God among men

At the base the sergeant
Pulled the ground from neath his feet
And with a thud removed
The silver lining from his dreams
Samuel was set to learn
Just what it really means
To work and sweat and bleed

While writing home to mom
“I’m now everything I want”
While writing home to mom
“Send anything I forgot”

After several weeks of
Running circles in the rain
He was given a machine gun
And dropped out of a plane
With shining boots he landed
Out where foreign wars are staged
Now prepared to win his name

As he rode silent
In the backseat of a Jeep
With his eye against the crosshairs
Pointed out into the street
He saw a man weeping for
The child dead at his feet
Cold at thirteen

Asking his commander
As the walked across the base
“How should I react when
Confronted with the face
Of a mother who just
Put her baby in the grave?”
He said “Just turn and walk away”

Writing home to mom
“We had meatloaf for lunch”
Writing home to mom
“But I miss yours so much”

Samuel spent his weekends
Walking through the busy streets
Of the town that they had captured
While it’s people were asleep
And when the people asked him
Why his army wouldn’t leave
He said “Don’t ask me”

Samuel’s agent found another
Actor for the part
Of the angel bearing warning
Through a sign of seven stars
It seems the picture went on
To win several awards
While Sam was at war

Back at home the critics
Tried to bury Samuel’s name
It seems if he’s a fighter
He could never act again
They don’t want a martyr
From a war will never win
No they don’t want him

Writing home to mom
“Have they sent me another script?”
Writing home to mom
“If so, please forward it”

Sixteen months have flown
Like a bullet from the gun
And still it seemed to Samuel
That the time had just begun
He hadn’t seen much action
He just baked out in the sun
On routine runs

One afternoon Samuel
Had to break into a house
It seemed that there were people
That the Army wanted out
As a woman answered, he put his
Hand over her mouth
Said “Don’t make a sound”

Now Samuel and his buddies
Found the men inside the room
And Heaven and her angels
Couldn’t guess what they would do
As the bomb exploded
Hidden just below the roof
They saw the sun shine through

They’re writing home to mom
“It seems your only son was lost”
They’re writing home to mom
“We’ll send you everything we find”

15. Hot Hot

[ coming soon ]

16. Caverns

Here's to the kiss of the cold and the prayer on your lips to the stone.
The light in his fist is burning coal for the lover who missed out on his soul.

"Long live the end" sang a thousand men
"Long live the end"
La la la la la la

Your hands work the flame from his eyes
and melt through the cliffs into the ice
- He'll walk through the walls into your life
to hang like a ghost at your side

La lala la la la

All words and lyrics by Dale Jones.
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