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The Observer - Slow Descent Review Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 March 2010
The Dallas Observer posted a nice review of The Timeline Post's new album "Slow Descent" today.

"These are tough times. We're in the midst of a financial crisis. Our futures are uncertain. Denton's The Timeline Post knows this, and its sophomore album, Slow Descent, acts as a viable musical snapshot of the present. A very dark snapshot. The old adage is true, though: Some of the best art arises out of conflict. Somehow, artists are able to make dark times sound almost beautiful. And this record does a fine job of accomplishing as much—assuming listeners turn their speakers up in accordance. Indeed, there are multiple layers of elements worth appreciating in The Timeline Post's wall of sound. Opening track "Skyhook" sets the stage for the band's take on our bleak modern-day story. The title's not a basketball reference, but rather a declaration that there will be no divine intervention to save us. Meanwhile, up-tempo tracks "Slow Descent" and "Caldera" use an onslaught of guitars under lead singer Bryan Chitwood's almost hushed vocals. This album merely questions why we got to this point. It's not a call to action and doesn't give any answers. The only lyrics in the final track, "Be Here," are "I never wanted to be here but I am." When our state of affairs finally improves, maybe we can look back on this album and see how far we've come."


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