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Pegasus News - Dead Week Print Show Review Print E-mail
Sunday, 12 December 2010
Local music blog Pegasus News posted a nice concert review of our Dead Week Print Show today.

"DENTON — Saturday night was the end of Dead Week in Denton. That’s when college students are supposed to take a week off from scheduled classes to prepare for finals that start on Monday. And to celebrate this supposed break, dozens of students and local music junkies flocked to Rubber Gloves for the Dead Week Print Show. The show was presented by Gutterth Productions, which will come as no surprise to those paying attention to the local music scene. Gutterth has been behind some of the finest shows we’ve seen this year in Denton. Considering the fact that they have acts like Daniel Folmer, Ryan Thomas Becker, and Dear Human in their stable, there is no question why they are consistently able to produce entertaining shows around town. 2010 was another fine year for the folks at Gutterth. They had some help for this one, though: from Pan-Ector Industries, the Denton based screen printing company who posted up in the corner of Rubber Gloves and made custom tees – or anything else really – during the concert. (“Our prices are reasonable and our shop is very cat friendly,” says their website. Good to know.) The Printmaking Association of North Texas Students, or P.A.N.T.S. as they are known, also helped put the event together. A few examples of their outstanding pieces of art were on display in the back room of RGRS for folks to peruse. Oh, and then there was the show. Peopleodian, Dear Human, and Pinkish Black made up the musical entertainment for the evening, three North Texas bands on the rise. The one overwhelming takeaway is that Peopleodian is quickly becoming one of the premier groups in the region. It is remarkable how much they have grown in the past few months, and they are still getting better. Ally Hoffman has never seemed more confident behind the microphone, while the band behind her gets more crisp with each passing show. Be on the lookout for this group in early 2011. In the end, Saturday night was a nice distraction for those facing the daunting task of final exams next week, and yet another addition to the string of fantastic shows Gutterth has put on recently. As we wind down 2010, it was a perfect show to see three hype-worthy groups of the year."


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