Gutterth Podcast 9 – Daniel Folmer

The ninth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Daniel Folmer, focusing on his new album “Dead End”.

This episode features (in order):
The Paper Chase – “Go Fishing” (Roger Waters cover)
Roger Waters’ cover from the EP “What Big Teeth You Have” on Southern Records.

Ryan Thomas Becker – “Sally’s Song” (Danny Elfman cover)
Live Danny Elman cover from the Hydrant Cafe in Denton.

Silk Stocking – “It Don’t Make Sense (You Can’t Make Peace)”
From their album “Dialogues With The Devil.”

Dust Congress – “The Brown Rat”
Unreleased demo.

Shiny Around The Edges – “Maybe”
From their self-released album “We Lost The Signal In The Hills.”

The International – “Revolution Is For Lovers”
From their self-released EP “Revolution Is For Lovers.”

Malise – “mjf pil ie rf”
From their album “Strajecca” on Gutterth Records.

The Angelus – “Latin”
From their self-titled EP on Pyramid-Scheme.

New Science Projects – “Bedtime” (Acoustic)
Unreleased acoustic demo.

Sarah Jaffe – “Be My Baby” (The Ronnettes cover)
Live Ronnettes cover from the porch at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton.

Will E Lee – “Pathogen”
Unreleased demo.

Sabra Laval – “The Books They Wrote”
Unreleased demo.

Daniel Folmer – Interview

Daniel Folmer – “Dead End” (Live in Studio)
Live acoustic performance.

Daniel Folmer – “Open Arms” (Live in Studio)
Live acoustic performance.

Daniel Folmer – “In The Smoke” (Live in Studio)
Live acoustic performance.

Daniel Folmer – “District County Court” (Live in Studio)
Live acoustic performance of a new unreleased song.

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