Gutterth Podcast 12 – Dear Human

The twelth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Dear Human, focusing on their self titled debut EP “Dear Human.”

This episode features (in order):
Parata – “Leather Seating in a Lincoln Hearse”
From their debut album “Heads! Heads! Heads!” on Gutterth Records.

The Heartstring Stranglers – “Theobold Tiger”
From their album “Last Days In The Prussian Era” on Gutterth Records..

Kaboom – “15”
From their album “Blood” on Paperstain Records.

Babar – “I’d Be A Weird Lady, Probably”
From their debut self-released EP “You’re A Bad Friend”.

Handbrake – “Give You Mine”
From their self-released album “Brillo’s Aftermath”.

Silk Stocking – “Lantern”
From their self-released album “Dialogues With The Devil.”.

RTB2 – “Your Name Stays In My Throat”
From their self-released live album “In People”.

Florene – “Parc Bitch”
From their “Mind Surfer” cassette on Skrot Up Records.

New Science Projects – “Applez & Oranges”
From the album “Storm Drain” on Gutterth Records.

Shiny Around The Edges – “Home On The Range”
Unreleased recording from the “We Lost The Signal In The Hills” sessions.

Kampfgrounds – “Local Exchange Rate”
From their self-titled album on Paperstain Records.

Geistheistler – “Live”
Live recording from Rubber Gloves as part of Gutterth’s night of “Free Week”.

Dear Human Interview
Interview with Casey, Dan, John and Michael of Dear Human.

Dear Human – “Kareem Octopus”
Live performance.

Dear Human – “Eskimo Potential”
Live performance.

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