Gutterth Podcast 3 – Doug Burr

The third episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an interview and live performance from Doug Burr, focusing on his new album “The Shawl”.

This episode features (in order):
Sarah Jaffe – “Two Intangibles Can’t Be Had”
From her EP “Even Born Again” on Summer Break Records.

Daniel Folmer – “In The Smoke”
From his debut album “Wear Headphones” on Gutterth Records.

Sean Kirkpatrick – “Erica, Welcome To The Funhouse”
From his debut album “Turn On The Interference” on Gutterth Records.

Balmorhea – “Baleen Morning”
From their debut self released, self-titled album.

Burntsienna Trio – “On Demand”
From their album “Gregor-Jotace Mission Cathedral” on TXMF Records.

Hotel, Hotel – “The Shoreline Disappeared”
From their new album “The Dead Sea” on Silber Records.

A premier sample from their upcoming recording.

Sunnybrook – “Growing Clouds”
From the limited edition EP “Water Glow.”

Florene – “Room 5”
From their self released, self titled album.

Doug Burr – Exclusive Interview
Interview with Doug Burr about his new album “The Shawl.”

Doug Burr – “Which We Have Heard And Known” (Live In Studio)
Live acoustic performance of a song off “The Shawl.”

Doug Burr – “In The Lord I Take Refuge” (Live In Studio)
Live acoustic performance of a song off “The Shawl.”

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