Gutterth Podcast 6 – New Science Projects

The sixth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Dale Jones of New Science Projects, focusing on his new 7″ record called “Poison Culture”.

This episode features (in order):
Dust Congress – “Midnight @ The Beached Whale”
From Dust Congress’ self-released EP “Egg Tooth”.

The Great Tyrant – “Take Care”
Not really sure where this one came from, but its great.

Sabra Laval – “Blackbird”

Ryan Thomas Becker – “The Train” (New Science Projects cover)
Live recording from the Annex House in Dallas, TX on May 19, 2009.

Nervous Curtains – “Bad Neighbor”
From the forthcoming Nervous Curtains debut album.

Doug Burr – “Should’ve Known”
From the album “On Promenade”.

Chris Garver – “Wasp In The House”
From his album “E4/E5”.

Drink To Victory – “I Get Laid”
From their self titled debut on Paperstain Recordings.

The Heartstring Stranglers – “Titans” (New Science Projects cover)
Live recording from the steps of the Denton Courthouse on the square.

Real Live Tigers – “Winter Blues Number One”
From the album “This Is Sometimes A Riverbed”.

RTB2 – “Beta Crush”
Premier of a song from RTB2’s upcoming album.

New Science Projects – Interview

New Science Projects – “Walk”
Demo of a new song that will probably be on the next album.

New Science Projects – “Broken Heart” (Memphis Minnie cover)
Recorded live in a field late at night just for this podcast.

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