Gutterth Podcast 8 – RTB2

The eighth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from RTB2, focusing on their new album “In The Fleshed.”

This episode features (in order):
The House Harkonnen – “Mr Show”
Cover of the “Mr Show” intro, from their debut album “Vol.1 How To Build A House”.

The Timeline Post – “The Burning Bridge (Remix)”
Remix of “The Burning Bridge” from their Demo CD.

Dust Congress – “Algiers”
Unreleased demo.

The Chimeneas – Over This Insect Empire
Unreleased demo.

Sean Kirkpatrick – “Back To Black”
Live recording of an Amy Winehouse cover.

Aunt’s Analog – “05is”

Glen Farris – “There’s More Than One Way”
Unreleased demo.

Doyen – “Ediori”
Unreleased demo.

The Heartstring Stranglers – “24 Ward 6”
Unreleased demo.

Dirty Water Disease – “Natus Mortuus”
From their album “The Sheltering Sky” on “Gutterth Records.”

Daniel Folmer – “Flyin Shoes”
Unreleased Townes Van Zandt cover.

RTB2 – Exclusive Interview
Interview with Ryan and Grady of RTB2.

RTB2 – “Letters To A Young Danny Kennedy” (Live In Studio)
Live performance.

RTB2 – “Broken Treeline” (Live In Studio)
Live performance.

RTB2 – “Wire To The Walls” (In Studio Recording)
In studio recording.

Gutterth Podcast 1 – Ryan Thomas Becker

We are proud to present the first Gutterth Podcast.
This episode focuses on new and unreleased songs by bands that we have worked with.

This episode features (in order):
Nervous Curtains – “Accomplice”
From the forthcoming Nervous Curtains album to be released later this year.

Dust Congress – “Pasagoula”
From the upcoming album “Regurgitate Sunshine State” to be released on Paperstain Recordings April 4th.

The Family Circuits – “Darling, I’m Home”
Electronic music project of Joey Kendall, from the band Mount Righteous.

New Science Projects – “Poison Cultures”
Title track from the forthcoming 7″ record to be released this summer on Gutterth Records.

Parata – “On The Other Side It’s Only Legend”
Track from the upcoming album “Woe Saturnalia”.

the pAper chAse – “The Sound Of Being Choked” (Live Acoustic)
Live acoustic recording of a TPC song that will probably never be released.

Magnets – “I Know What Five Does To Numbers”
From the new Magnets self-titled release. Download the EP for free here.

Dirty Water Disease – “Leukorrhea”
Track from their debut record “The Sheltering Sky” on Gutterth Records.

Daniel Folmer – “Tick Tock”
From the new album “The Roaring Twenties” on Gutterth Records.

Ryan Thomas Becker – Interview
Exclusive interview with Ryan Becker of the bands RTB2, The Slow Burners, Audrey Lapraik, etc.

Ryan Thomas Becker – “So Speak” (Live In Studio)
Live performance of new song.

Ryan Thomas Becker – “Seek Fire, Anime Kid” (Live In Studio)
Brand new song. Just written a few days before this performance.

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