Gutterth Podcast 15 – Florene

The fifteenth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Florene, focusing on their new album “Homemade Extacy.”

This episode features (in order):
Dust Congress – “Open Your Eyes, The World Is Shit”
Debut of the title track to their upcoming album “Open Your Eyes” on Paperstain Recordings.

Sleep Whale – “Light Tunnel”
From their album “Houseboat” on Western Vinyl

Nervous Curtains – “Casket (Florene Mix)”
Remix of “Casket” by Florene from their upcoming remix album.

Power Animal – “Summer Came From Nowhere”
From their album “People Songs” on Waaga Records.

The Great Tyrant – “There Is A Man In The House”
Unreleased recording.

Dear Human – “Waiting”
From their debut self-titled EP on Gutterth Records.

George Quartz – “Cotton Coffin”

Shiny Around The Edges – “Crosses”
From their album “Holy Roller” on Sounds Are Active.

Vexed UK – “Three”
From their debut EP “Meditation Music” on Gutterth Records.

Daniel Folmer – “Lonely Seed”
From his album “Wear Headphones” on Gutterth Records.

Monastery – “A Life (For The Lost)”

JM Reimer – “Simple Triple”
Solo demo from JM Reimer of History At Our Disposal.

The Family Circuits – “Counting Hairs”
From The Present EP.

Florene Interview
Interview with Gavin and Aaron of Florene from their practice space at Rubber Gloves.

Florene – “Depth”
Live performance.

Florene – “Deal With It”
Live performance.

Florene – “Parc Bitch”
Live performance.

Florene – “Breath”
Live performance.

View a live video of Florene performing “Deal With It” here.
View a live video of Florene performing “Breath” here.

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