Gutterth Podcast 4 – Dust Congress

The fourth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Dust Congress, focusing on their new album “Regurgitate Sunshine State.”

This episode features (in order):
Shiny Around The Edges – “This Apocalypse”
From their new album “Holy Roller” on Sounds Are Active.

Trifle Tower – “Criancas Da Rua”
From their 7″ split with Antilles on Murkhouse Recordings.

Lite Brite – “We Walk And Walk”
From his upcoming release “From Our Earth” on HOCH Records.

Parata – “Harvest Ball Nightmare”
From their debut album “Heads! Heads! Heads!” on Gutterth Records.

Record Hop – “Slugworth”
From their self titled album on TXMF Records.

Drink To Victory – “Cosby Show”
From their new album “DIIV2” on Paperstain Records.

The House Harkonnen – “Emma”
From their self released EP “Vol.4 Another Night In Paradise.”

The Angelus – “Come On Fire”
From their self released “Demo” EP.

Dust Congress – Exclusive Interview
Interview with Nick Foreman of Dust Congress about their new album “Regurgitate Sunshine State.”

Dust Congress – “Sow a $58 Seed” (Live In Studio)
Live acoustic performance of a song off “Regurgitate Sunshine State” on Paperstain Records.

Dust Congress – “Vernon” (Live In Studio)
Live acoustic performance of a new unreleased song.

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