Gutterth Podcast 11 – The Timeline Post

The eleventh episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from The Timeline Post, focusing on their new album “Slow Descent.”

This episode features (in order):
The Great Tyrant – “Bearing Teeth”
Unreleased track from their forthcoming album.

RTB2 – ” Letters To A Young Danny Kennedy”
From their self-released album “In The Fleshed”.

Fair To Midland – “Timbuktu”
From their self-released record “inter.funda.stifle”.

Nervous Curtains – “Falling Out (HAOD remix)”
Remix of “Falling Out Of Sync With Time” by HAOD from their upcoming remix album.

The Slow Burners – “La Di Da”
From their EP “Returning To The Air” on Holy War Records.

Record Hop – “Rest Stop Murders”
From their self titled album on TXMF Records.

Dust Congress – “St Augustine”
Unreleased track from their forthcoming record “Open Your Eyes, The World Is Shit”.

New Science Projects – “Wet Sights”
From the album “Crocodile” on Gutterth Records.

History At Our Disposal – “5/4”
From the album “Symbols In The Architecture” on Creative Capitalisim.

Delmore Pilcrow – “Poor Richard”
Unreleased song from their upcoming album “Keep An Eye”.

Picc Line – “Blood On Our Hands”
Unreleased demo.

Yells At Eels – “Red Blood”

Drink To Victory – “You’re A Fucker”
From their album “DIIV2″ on Paperstain Records.

The House Harkonnen – “Tough Fucking News”
From “Vol.6” on Do For It Records.

The Timeline Post Interview
Interview with Brian and Owen of The Timeline Post.

The Timeline Post – “Slow Descent”
Live performance.

The Timeline Post – “Kill The Girl”
Live performance.

The Timeline Post – “Three”
Live performance.

View a live video of The Timeline Post performing all three songs here.

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