Gutterth Podcast 5 – Joey Kendall

The fifth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Joey Kendall and Kendall Smith of the band Mount Righteous.

This episode features (in order):
Silk Stocking – “Motherless Child”
From their album “Dialogues With The Devil.”

The Godfowls – “Sound 4”
From their self titled release on Righteous Records.

History At Our Disposal – “Bed Of Leaves”
From their album “Symbols In The Architecture” on Creative Capitalism.

The International – “The Anti-Apocalypse Manifesto”
Unreleased song.

Salesman – “The Animal Kingdom”
From their album “SWEETHEARTR.”

Kaboom – “John Wayne”
From their debut album “Bear Nation.”

The Slow Burners – “Returning To The Air”
From their EP “Returning To The Air” on Holy War Records.

Abacus – “Nighttime Treespeech”
Unreleased song.

The Baptist Generals – “Sole Spirit Ghost”
From their album “Dog” on Quality Park Records.

Delmore Pilcrow – “Barbara The Organ Donor”
From their album “Worn To The Weft.”

Daniel Folmer – “Theplane”
Unreleased song from the album “Dead End.”

Knee Pad – “Greenhouse”
From thier debut album “The Black Line.”

Joey Kendall & Kendall Smith – Exclusive Interview
Interview with Joey Kendall and Kendall Smith of the band Mount Righteous.

Joey Kendall & Kendall Smith – “You’re The Man” (Live In Studio)
Live acoustic performance of a new unreleased song.

Joey Kendall & Kendall Smith – “When The Child Awakes” (Live In Studio)
Live acoustic performance.

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