Gutterth Podcast 16 – Shiny Around The Edges

The sixteenth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Shiny Around The Edges, focusing on their new album “Denton’s Dreaming.”

This episode features (in order):
Dust Congress – “Regurgitate Sunshine State”
From their new album “Open Your Eyes, The World Is Shit” on Paperstain Recordings.

Drug Mountain – “No Russians”
Live recording from 1919 Hemphill.

Nervous Curtains – “Indebted To The Cause”
From their debut record “Out Of Sync With Time” on Latest Flame Records.

Delmore Pilcrow – “What Kind Neighbors”
From their album “Worn To The Weft” on Etokatastofa! Records.

The Timeline Post – “No End In Sight”
From their record “Slow Descent” on Gutterth Records.

Summer Of Glaciers – “Touching Down”
From the album “Concentric” featuring Emil Rapstine of The Angelus.

New Science Projects – “IED Dreams”
From the record “Poison Culture” on Gutterth Records.

Daniel Francis Doyle – “She Breathes”
From his album “Who Are Your Customers?” on Furniture Records.

The Heartstring Stranglers – “The Funeral”
Unreleased recording from Budapest, Hungary.

Kaboom – “Woot”
From their album “Blood” on Paperstain Recordings.

Daniel Folmer – “World So Full Of Love (Roger Miller)”
Unreleased Roger Miller cover from his upcoming record on Gutterth Records.

The Angelus – “Gone Country”
Unreleased song from their upcoming album.

David Saylor – “Evolve”
Unreleased demo from David Saylor of Drink To Victory.

P.D. Wilder – “Northfield”
From his “F/M” album on Gears Of Sand Recordings.

The Paper Chase – “Ever Since The Turn”
From their album “Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know” on Beatville Records.

Shiny Around The Edges Interview
Interview with Mike, Jen and Kerm of Shiny Around The Edges.

Shiny Around The Edges – “Socially Awkward”
Live performance.

Shiny Around The Edges – “17”
Live performance.

Shiny Around The Edges – “30 Million”
Live performance.

View a live video of Shiny Around The Edges performing “Socially Awkward” here.

Gutterth Podcast 14 – Sarah Jaffe

The fourteenth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Sarah Jaffe, focusing on her new album “Suburban Nature.”

This episode features (in order):
Sean Kirkpatrick – “The Interference”
From his debut album “Turn On The Interference” on Gutterth Records.

Glen Farris – “Before I Break”
New song written and recorded exclusively for the Gutterth Podcast.

Delmore Pilcrow – “Keep An Eye For Me”
From their album “Keep An Eye” on Etokatastofa! Records.

The Angelus – “Sudden Burst Of Hope”
Unreleased acoustic demo.

New Science Projects – “Sweet”
Unreleased recording from the untitled forthcoming album on Gutterth Records.

Doug Burr – “Devestator”
From their album “O Ye Devestator” on Spune/Velvet Blue Music.

Sabra Laval – “Night Shelf”
Unreleased recording.

The Paper Chase – “Now We Just Slowly Circle The Draining Fish Bowl”
From their album “God Bless Your Black Heart” on Kill Rock Stars.

Dust Congress – “Haunted By Nightmares”
Drink To Victory cover recorded exclusively for the Gutterth Podcast.

Roy Robertson – “Book Burner”
From his upcoming EP “Book Burner”.

Boxcar Bandits – “Mama Don’t Worry”
From their album “Smells Like Grass”.

Daniel Folmer – “Serotonin”
From his album “Gloria” on Gutterth Records.

Fishboy – “Farewell Albatross”
From their album “Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock and Roll” on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.

Sarah Jaffe – “Interview”
Interview with Sarah Jaffe.

Sarah Jaffe – “Clementine”
Live performance.

Sarah Jaffe – “So So Sweet”
Live performance.

Sarah Jaffe – “Chelsea Hotel No.2”
Live performance. Leonard Cohen cover.

View a live video of Sarah Jaffe performing “Clementine” here.
View a live video of Sarah Jaffe performing “So So Sweet” here.
View a live video of Sarah Jaffe performing “Chelsea Hotel No.2” here.

Gutterth Podcast 9 – Daniel Folmer

The ninth episode of the Gutterth Podcast features an exclusive interview and live performance from Daniel Folmer, focusing on his new album “Dead End”.

This episode features (in order):
The Paper Chase – “Go Fishing” (Roger Waters cover)
Roger Waters’ cover from the EP “What Big Teeth You Have” on Southern Records.

Ryan Thomas Becker – “Sally’s Song” (Danny Elfman cover)
Live Danny Elman cover from the Hydrant Cafe in Denton.

Silk Stocking – “It Don’t Make Sense (You Can’t Make Peace)”
From their album “Dialogues With The Devil.”

Dust Congress – “The Brown Rat”
Unreleased demo.

Shiny Around The Edges – “Maybe”
From their self-released album “We Lost The Signal In The Hills.”

The International – “Revolution Is For Lovers”
From their self-released EP “Revolution Is For Lovers.”

Malise – “mjf pil ie rf”
From their album “Strajecca” on Gutterth Records.

The Angelus – “Latin”
From their self-titled EP on Pyramid-Scheme.

New Science Projects – “Bedtime” (Acoustic)
Unreleased acoustic demo.

Sarah Jaffe – “Be My Baby” (The Ronnettes cover)
Live Ronnettes cover from the porch at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton.

Will E Lee – “Pathogen”
Unreleased demo.

Sabra Laval – “The Books They Wrote”
Unreleased demo.

Daniel Folmer – Interview

Daniel Folmer – “Dead End” (Live in Studio)
Live acoustic performance.

Daniel Folmer – “Open Arms” (Live in Studio)
Live acoustic performance.

Daniel Folmer – “In The Smoke” (Live in Studio)
Live acoustic performance.

Daniel Folmer – “District County Court” (Live in Studio)
Live acoustic performance of a new unreleased song.

Gutterth Podcast 1 – Ryan Thomas Becker

We are proud to present the first Gutterth Podcast.
This episode focuses on new and unreleased songs by bands that we have worked with.

This episode features (in order):
Nervous Curtains – “Accomplice”
From the forthcoming Nervous Curtains album to be released later this year.

Dust Congress – “Pasagoula”
From the upcoming album “Regurgitate Sunshine State” to be released on Paperstain Recordings April 4th.

The Family Circuits – “Darling, I’m Home”
Electronic music project of Joey Kendall, from the band Mount Righteous.

New Science Projects – “Poison Cultures”
Title track from the forthcoming 7″ record to be released this summer on Gutterth Records.

Parata – “On The Other Side It’s Only Legend”
Track from the upcoming album “Woe Saturnalia”.

the pAper chAse – “The Sound Of Being Choked” (Live Acoustic)
Live acoustic recording of a TPC song that will probably never be released.

Magnets – “I Know What Five Does To Numbers”
From the new Magnets self-titled release. Download the EP for free here.

Dirty Water Disease – “Leukorrhea”
Track from their debut record “The Sheltering Sky” on Gutterth Records.

Daniel Folmer – “Tick Tock”
From the new album “The Roaring Twenties” on Gutterth Records.

Ryan Thomas Becker – Interview
Exclusive interview with Ryan Becker of the bands RTB2, The Slow Burners, Audrey Lapraik, etc.

Ryan Thomas Becker – “So Speak” (Live In Studio)
Live performance of new song.

Ryan Thomas Becker – “Seek Fire, Anime Kid” (Live In Studio)
Brand new song. Just written a few days before this performance.

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